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We know that it hasn't been as easy this year as it normally would for our first year members to meet new people. As we enter the final weeks of the semester, we wanted to focus on doing what we can to create virtual social opportunities for freshers to make new friends, since we can't do a Freshers' Takeover. It is with this in mind that we have set up our Freshers' Programme. Don't worry if you don't yet know anyone in the society, or haven't been to any of our virtual events this semester - that's what we are creating this for!


Our Events Officers Alice and Oisín will be in touch with all first year members who sign up, and you will be given a small group with some other freshers and a member of committee, who will help answer any questions you have and keep you informed about anything that's going on. We know that it can be intimidating joining a large Zoom call by yourself when you don't know what to expect or don't recognize anyone, so hopefully having a small group of friendly faces that you have chatted to will make that easier. 

As well as having your small group, throughout the rest of the semester we will have larger fresher specific events and challenges, where you can get to know people in the other groups. Hopefully by next semester we will be in a place where restrictions will allow us to transition to more in-person events, and with this programme you won't be starting into the second semester not knowing many others. Sign-ups will be open until Friday 13th November, and if you have any questions please get in touch with us via social media or

We are looking forward to getting to know more of our newest members!