Hey guys, my name is Morgan and I’m the Auditor of UCD Musical Society for the coming year! Now in our 12th session, UCD Musical Society presents itself as one of the most exciting and active societies for students in Ireland. The society has grown immensely since our first production of The Wedding Singer in 2008. With over a 1000 members, we are one of the largest and most active societies in the country. We stage 3 full scale musical productions each year, the most in the country and have been nominated for 15 AIMS awards in the past 3 years alone. We have loads of other events for our members too such as Intervarsities, The Performing Arts Ball, Freshers takeover, The Tony’s Awards and all of the other weekly events and workshops. There is literally something for everyone. If you’re not interested in performing, there are so many different avenues you can take from building sets, to organising events to designing the graphics for the social media accounts. What the society has to offer the most is the best people to make the best memories with. You meet so many people and make friends for life, who make your whole college experience so much better.

Coronavirus is presenting us with many obstacles and challenges in organising events for our members, but that’s not to say we’re not planning even bigger and better things for the society this year. It goes without saying that the past few months have been tough for everyone without the hustle and bustle of campus life and that’s exactly why it’s more important now than ever for us to provide our members with exciting opportunities.We’re making many changes this year and we’re extremely motivated to give you guys the best events as possible.

We’re still planning to put on full musical productions and get as many people involved as possible. Of course, we’re restricted with the amount of people that can be involved for financial and safety reasons, but we have so much more going on throughout the year. We’re introducing a new workshops programme to allow our members to practice their skills weekly whether that be on stage or off stage. This is going to be a great way to get invaluable experience in the society and meet a lot of new people in a time where meeting new people is tough and having people around you is vital. For our Freshers, we’re looking to host an array of events that will allow you to meet other Freshers. We understand the importance of meeting new people in college and want to make that possible for everyone, regardless of your situation with coronavirus. We’ve also recently rebranded and are focusing very hard on improving all of our content, quantity and quality wise. Not only are we aiming to improve our graphics and videos for our promotional material, but we are providing you guys with entertaining and interesting content. We are introducing a new podcast for all musical theatre enthusiasts, whether you’re a member or not! On top of this we are introducing various videos series throughout the year so keep an eye on all of our socials. Finally we are still hoping to host our Freshers Takeover, PA ball, a showcase, Tony’s and other big events in Semester 2.

I want to conclude by expressing how excited I am for the coming year despite the uncertainty surrounding everything. Huge changes are being made for our members and behind the scenes to improve how the society works. It’s a really exciting time for existing and new members, and as always I can’t wait to see what magnificent things our members do. I’d also like to thank the 12th Session Committee for all of their tireless efforts over the summer planning for the coming year in a time where there is little clue as to what the future holds. A huge congratulations to the Media Department especially on the hugely successful launch of our new brand and website recently. I really hope to see you all at our events making the most of your college experience!